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Who We Are

Top Indie Record Label (service provider) in Southern California since 2017; (Nonprofit), USA.

MUSICMOGUL is led by 2x Grammy nominated Songwriter, Producer and Actor, CEO: ("Antoine Shaunell Roundtree"), whose professionally known as ("SKEE-LO"); and Wife, Actor, Writer, Chef ("Stacy Ambrose"), whose professionally known as: ("AmbroseOnStage") Member: SAG/AFTRA

Trendy Neon Background
Trumpet Player

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide PRO music and film logistics to indie labels and artists that otherwise would've been exclusive to the industry's Elite.

MUSICMOGUL ENTERTAINMENT, is a faith based ("Unincorporated Association") nonprofit, serving as a platform for talent globally & cultivating itself into a haven for artists of all genre. Our ministry is to reimagine the music industry and recreate it for "Heaven Sakes!" Submit your projects today for label partnership consideration and/or; Artists, submit songs to earn a spot on our upcoming album compilation; scheduled for release - "2024."

Core Values


Innovation is the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new goods or services or improvement in offering goods or services. 


We support your overall label operations; and offer Un bias industry advice from industry PROs who have 30+ years experience. No hidden costs.


7 major Record companies, should never own a monopoly on a free music industry. We make their resources accessible to Indie labels, filmmakers, songwriters and producers globally!

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